Inspecting a home is much more than looking around,

flipping a few light switches, reading some measurements, and filling out the paperwork. Instead, it’s about discovering the critical information needed to know if the house is structurally sound. That’s where we come in.

Latest Technology

We also use the latest International Residential Code (IRC) standards to inspect the oldest structures. Old homes are not expected to meet today’s standards. It’s important for a buyer to understand what these differences may be in order to appreciate, understand and, if necessary, correct or update an older building. Old doors may not have safety glass. Electrical systems may not have updated grounding or shock protection.

Honest Reports

We’re here to ensure buyers are provided with a detailed and honest list of the condition of their home. We give an easy to read and implement inspection report. This report gives information on the grounds, landscaping, foundation, roof, residence, and chimneys. All this data, when looked at together, gives an accurate look at what’s going on with the home.

We Love What We Do

We perform these services because we love the history and tales homes, particularly historic homes have to tell. Older homes have a lot of stories to tell. We’re all about sharing a building’s history with clients and helping preserve it for future generations.

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