Field Training

If all you study is the playbook, but never play the game, you won’t last long. That’s why we teach you the necessary field training in our Home Inspection Training Program.


The cost of the 40 hours of field training is $1,000. Field training is in addition to the one hundred twenty hours of classroom instruction and this price is only for students that attend our fundamentals of home inspection course.

*Stand alone field training is available and can be scheduled by clicking here to get in contact with Trevor Rice.

“Field training must include forty hours of instruction with a minimum of five actual complete home inspections done to the standards of practice under the supervision of an experienced inspector. The applicant will be required to complete written reports for each inspection and the supervisor will review the reports and certify that they are in full compliance with the standards of practice.” — Washington State Legislature

All field training students will be provided with a copy of Carson Dunlop’s Fast Forms report writing software for your training. This tool is invaluable! They’ll help you quickly and easily take down the information and write the detailed reports in the way the State of Washington requires.


You’re going to love the field inspection training because it allows you to learn firsthand what a real inspection looks like. In the real world, there are going to be unexpected issues. Through field training, you can experience these situations and observe how your instructor deals with them. With field training, you will discover the answer to many common problems. When you start your new business, you’ll be prepared to calmly and professionally handle any issues that may arise during your inspections.