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What is a Residential Building Inspection?

A residential home inspection is a non-invasive inspection of various aspects of your home by a certified professional. The inspector will survey the home from the top of the roof all the way down to the foundation. Afterwards your home inspector will provide you with a detailed summary of their findings.

What Does a Home Inspection Cover?

The purpose of a home inspection is to evaluate the condition of your home and assess the building for any issues that might compromise its structure. In a standard home inspection, we thoroughly examine the home from roof to foundation. Below are some key areas we scrutinize:

1. Structure: This covers the foundation and overall structure and stability of your home. Common issues include sagging roofs, roof leaks, gaps on windows or door frames, and cracked or crumbling foundation.

2. Interior: The interior exam, covers anything to do with your home from inside, including  walls, ceilings, floors, basements, attics, windows, ect. Common issues include cracks, broken fixtures and water damage.

3. Exterior: The exterior exam covers everything to do with your home from the outside. This includes fences, porches, driveways, patios, drainage, ect. Common issues include rotting structural support or on decks and patios, loose siding, and drainage issues

4. Electrical: Our electrical systems covers the electrical components that are part of your home; including but not limited to light fixtures, outlets, HVAC system and major appliances. Common issues include dead outlets, loose plugs broken light switches, and HVAC issues.

5. Plumbing: Plumbing entails bathroom and kitchen fixtures as well as the water heating system in your home. Common issues include various pipe problems, sewer line clogs, leaks inside of walls, and various water heater system issues.

How to Prepare For a Inspection

When preparing for a home inspection one of the first major things to do is to make sure there is open access to all the areas that need to be checked. This may include clearing away clutter or moving furniture temporarily out of the way. In addition to checking the interior, the exterior also needs to be easily accessible. Make sure to things such as garbage cans, potted plants and outdoor furniture away from the perimeter of the home.

What to Expect

It is extremely rare for even a newly built house to be 100% issue-free, most likely several issues will be found in various places around your home during a thorough inspection. These problems can range from being minor issues to major problems. Your inspector will give you a detailed report on these problems, what their cause is, the steps to take to fix the issue, and answer any questions you have.

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