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Sewer Roots
Sewer Roots in the pipes

Should I Have My Side Sewer Inspected?

Side sewer pipe made of clay or concrete can crack, shift out of place, and/or be subjected to intrusion by roots, resulting in leakage and blockage. In addition, some side sewers lack the right kind of cleanouts, which provides access for clearing blockages.

When your side sewer pipe fails and causes a blockage, sewage from your home can back up in your pipes and surface through your sinks, toilets, bathtubs and other building drains, causing a health issue as well as a potentially expensive mess. Potential failures can be easily detected by a simple inspection before they cause a serious problem.

What Is A Side Sewer Scope?

A side sewer scope also called a side sewer scan, sewer scan, sewer video inspection or sewer lateral video inspection is the inspection of the main sewer drain line that runs from the structure to the main city sewer line.

The inspection is intended to assess the condition of the sewer line by examining the interior of the pipe line looking for breaks, deterioration, cracks, holes, tree root intrusion or other obvious conditions. The inspection is confined to the examination of the sewer line, from the structures cleanout to the point where the sewer line terminates at the main or municipal sewer line.

Who Is Responsible For The Maintenance Of The Side Sewers?

Maintenance of side sewers, from the building to the city main, is the responsibility of the private property owner. The city is responsible for the maintenance of the sewer main, including the tees, wyes and risers at the main. However they still have the ability to provide maintenance as they see fit as stated AGO 2009 No. 5.

High Resolution Video Sewer Inspections

Our team utilizes the state-of-the-art VuTEK GT-200-SL video inspection system to provide high resolution video quality while inspecting the condition of your property’s sewer lateral.

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