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Well Pump Flow

If your home sources its water from a private well, regular inspections of your well pump are essential to monitoring the performance and functioning of your well system. SGA Inspection Inc. can provide water quality testing and well equipment performance inspections to put your mind at ease.

When purchasing a new home, families want to be assured that their water supply is safe and that their well can provide an adequate water supply. Many real estate transactions require testing the flow/yield of the well.

What To Expect

  • Inspect or review Washington Department of Ecology records to try and get as much information as possible about the well being inspected.
  • Inspect the well location including the visible well casing and the well cap.
  • Examination of the external pump, pressure switch and storage tanks.
  • Conduct a well flow test. A flow test involves pumping water from an outside hose bib for 60 minutes to determine if the well can sustain an adequate flow for normal residential peak demand.
  • Monitoring the water pressure of your well system.
  • Inspect the pressure tank and the pressure switch performance and settings.
  • A digital well inspection report is provided for your records.

It is important to keep your annual well report records in case you ever sell your house. These will also come in handy for determining when repairs may be necessary.

Well Safety and Prevention Methods

Preventing problems is the best and cheapest
course of action. Some ways to protect your well are:

  • Ensure the area around the well is sloped to prevent runoff from getting into the well
  • Use a cap or seal to prevent tampering with or unauthorized use of your well
  • Do not mix or use pesticides, fertilizers, or other harmful chemicals near the well
  • To prevent back flow do not use a hose from the well to mix harmful substances
  • Check septic systems as recommended by your local health department
  • Inspect exposed parts of the well for damage
  • Inspect any tanks for gasoline, diesel, or home heating oil stored on your property
  • Do not use a dry well as a disposal for garbage, especially chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, or petroleum products

Even with the most careful well management, annual well inspections need to be performed to ensure the well is meeting safety standards.

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