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Test your knowledge and prepare for the future.

Are you preparing to take the National Home Inspector Examination or applying for your Washington State Home Inspector License?

SGA Inspection offers 16 practice exams to assess your knowledge and competence on a comprehensive range of home inspection topics. These subjects are offered individually and as a cumulative final exam that will demonstrate your comprehensive knowledge as a home inspector.

Assessment Topics

• Analysis & Reporting Findings
• Cooling Systems
• Electrical Systems
• Exterior Components
• Fireplaces & Chimneys
• Gas & Electric Heating Systems
• Hot Water Boilers
• House Interior
• Inspection Business Operations
• Insulation & Ventilation
• Oil Furnaces
• Plumbing Systems
• Roofing Systems
• Site Conditions
• Structural Components
• Washington State Home Inspector Law

Below is a sample of 15 practice exam questions compiled from the individual exams.

1/15: (1pt) Analysis & Reporting Findings
Refer to the photograph for this question. Looking at this attic water heater installation, what would you report?

practice exam question 1
2/15: (1pt) Cooling Systems
Refer to the photograph to answer this question. Part of an air conditioning or heat pump system; this device is located in the air handler of a heat pump or is attached to a furnace after the combustion chamber.

practice exam question 2
3/15: (1pt) Electrical Systems
A sub-panel in a detached building has melted insulation on a neutral conductor. What is the most likely cause of this condition?
4/15: (1pt) Exterior Components
Why should a home inspector record the weather conditions on the day of the inspection in the inspection report?
5/15: (1pt) Fireplaces & Chimneys
The hearth extension for a firebox with an opening greater than 6 square feet requires what dimensions?
6/15: (1pt) Fireplaces & Chimneys
Refer to the picture for this question. What is the deficiency pictured here?

practice exam question 3
7/15: (1pt) Hot Water Boilers
Refer to the photograph to answer this question. What kind of heating system is shown?

practice exam question 4
8/15: (1pt) House Interior
Refer to the photograph to answer this question. The clear opening size of an escape window should be at least 20 inches horizontally, and 24 inches vertically with a clear opening area of at least _______.

practice exam question 5
9/15: (1pt) Inspection Business Operations
An inspection agreement presented to the client after the inspection may be declared invalid. What is the MOST likely reason for declaring such agreements invalid?
10/15: (1pt) Insulation & Ventilation
A newly built ventilated crawl space with a vapor retarder is REQUIRED to have one square foot of net ventilation opening per.
11/15: (1pt) Oil Furnaces
Refer to the photograph to answer this question. The purpose of this part is to control the draft conditions in the chimney, thereby increasing the efficiency of the oil-fired appliance, reducing damage, and reducing appliance operational problems. What is this component?

practice exam question 6
12/15: (1pt) Plumbing Systems
The client complains of an occasional foul odor in a seldom used bathroom. Which is the most likely cause of this issue?
13/15: (1pt) Roofing Systems
What type of roofing would be appropriate for a roof with a slope of less than 2/12?
14/15: (1pt) Site Conditions
A concrete driveway is 1/4 inch higher than the adjacent concrete walkway. What is the most likely reason for this condition?
15/15: (1pt) Structural Components
You see a ceramic tile floor with numerous cracks running through the grout and the tiles. The floor system is constructed using 2×10 floor joists. What is the most likely cause of this condition?

Registering for an exam will allow two attempts at the exam, which is timed from the moment the exam begins. Our exams are issued through the professional online test-taking platform Grades and feedback are returned immediately after completing the exam.

Individual Practice Exams

Each individual exam will thoroughly assess a specific home inspection subject and consists of 60-80 questions. These exams are also available to students of our home inspector training school at no additional cost.

Final Exam

The final exam is a timed 4-hour test that covers all subject material and consists of 200 questions. The purpose of this exam is to prepare students to take and pass the National Home Inspector Examination (NHIE). This exam is also a valuable resource when preparing to become a licensed home inspector in Washington State.