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Are you ready to earn your Washington State Home Inspector License? SGA has been training students and turning them into top-notch inspectors for years. Our instructors are active, licensed inspectors in Washington State whose passion for the industry translates into a thorough learning experience for our students.

Skip the college tuition and save thousands by pursuing a career in home inspection. Our Washington State-Certified curriculum and knowledgeable instructors are here to get you started the right way.

Do you want…

  • Certified curriculum?
  • Instructors who work in the industry?
  • Quiet and comfortable classroom environment?

Then look no further – SGA Inspection Inc. has you covered.

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Aaron C. (2016 Student)

Steve and Trevor were easy to work with and translated their own experiences to us students in a clear and easy way to understand. The class not only included the knowledge base required by Washington state but also other facets of the home inspection business like marketing, equipment etc. The schedule worked well with my…

Paul D. (2017 Student)

Recently received training here. After spending time researching schools in Washington state I decided SGA was the way to go. Was not disappointed, great for seasoned contractors looking to go into the field, or even people with limited experience in construction and building.

Karl O. (2016 Student)

If you want to get trained by the best, go here. -KO Inspection, LLC

Sean S. (2018 Student)

Steve and Trevor were very knowledgeable! They were very adaptive to each students individual needs and best methods of learning. I highly recommend researching all training programs before signing up, SGA provides the best overall service and highest number of students passing the state exam!

Ron F. (2017 Student)

After 30 years in the construction business, I decided I wanted to start going in a different direction. After much research I decided on Washington Home Inspector Training. I am so glad I did. Steve and Trevor do an incredible job of relaying the information needed to not just pass the test, but to have…

Terry F. (2018 Student)

I just finished completing the course, Steve & Trevor really care about training someone and they prepare there students to be able to do what’s needed , they do walk through inspections and point out what’s important. They also instruct you in being able to prepare a good narrative report for the client. Thank you…

Meagan D. (2018 Student)

These guys are awesome! I had a bad experience with another company and I’m doing my field training here. They are very professional. I wish I would have gone here in the first place.

Sagi A. (2018 Student)

I will start by saying that the industry has a lot to grow in including the training. I personally like learning there they are very knowledgeable and very caring and considering. I hope thay will keep on learning and growing and developing and doing a good job. Ty for it all (;

Bryan E. (2016 Student)

[SGA Inspection Inc.] is very professional in every aspect. From day one as a student I have been learning at a fast pace. Classroom time is a good balance of personal study, and Instructor group training. Small class sizes (5-8 students) contributes to personal one on one time with either Instructor. The balance of Steves’…

Ben B. (2018 Student)

Good evening Steve and Trevor,   It’s Ben, from the February class this year. I just wanted to take a moment and thank you both for such a well done and informative class. I learned a tremendous amount in those short weeks and it’s helped me tremendously since then. The training was top notch and…

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