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We are the best and we can prove it
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National Home Inspectors Exam pass rate. For 2017, the national pass rate is 51%, and the retake pass rate is 39%. For Washington state, there is a pass rate of 56% and a retake pass rate 45% At Washington Home inspector Training our students have an 80% pass rate on the first try and the retake pass rate is 90% We are the best and we can prove it


The total cost for the 120 hours Fundamentals of Home Inspection course is $3,195  The cost of the 40 hours of field training is $1,000 The combined cost of the classroom training and the field training is $4,195  ( Cash or Check ) A 3% fee will be added for credit cards.

Tim 003



Greeting Steve–
Stopped by earlier today in hopes of catching you and Trevor–I took the test this morning and passed!!!
I would like to thank you and Trevor for Teaching/Mentoring not only me but the entire class–You have provide us with great knowledge/ recourses that will aid in our future endeavors–I can say you prepared us well and the test was by no means easy but learning and developing was instrumental on passing the test. You along with Trevor have provide us with tools and knowledge that will aid in becoming a better Home Inspector–
Many thanks and hope to see you again
v/r Robb

Student Reviews


I’m a licensed home inspector in Oregon that recently completed SGA Inspection Service’s two week long course in order to become an inspector in Washington state.  I signed up for the course in order to simply satisfy the state’s educational requirements, but was pleasantly surprised with the overall experience.  I was able to leverage my previous experience as a home inspector with Steven and Treavor’s coursework (as InterNACHI partners) and building experience in order to make me an even better inspector.  In retrospect, I don’t believe I would have had as positive of an experience with some of the other companies out there that currently offer home inspection courses for Washington state.

4070 Jackson Hwy 266

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  • Brent L.
  • Seattle, WA.

I recently attended SGA’s Home Inspector Training and was thoroughly impressed from start to finish. SGA’s facility was comfortable and impressed by use of multimedia technology to present course material. Syllabus was in line with national home inspector standards and tailored to passing the WA state inspector test. They nicely balanced coursework and practical inspection content. I enjoyed the small class size that allowed for more than adequate personal attention.

The instructors, Steve and Trevor, nicely complemented each other’s strengths.  I found Steve’s wealth of knowledge and willingness to teach invaluable.  Trevor, being relatively new to the industry, his experience and thoughts were always insightful and beneficial.  I’m not sure if you could find another class where the instructors are as seasoned, caring about the success of their students and thoughtful about the quality of course they teach.

I have no reservations about recommending SGA’s course to any prospective student.  Without attending this course I highly doubt I would have been as prepared to successfully pass the state exam let alone felt as confident to start my own inspecting business.  If you are thinking about signing up for the course and would like a reference please do not hesitate to contact SGA for my contact information.

4070 Jackson Hwy 287

  • Ed Z
  • South Colby, WA

I recently attended and completed the SGA Home Inspector Training Course in Olympia, WA.  I also completed 40 hours of field study with SGA.  Within 1 week of completing the courses I passed the Washington State Home Inspector Exam and have since opened my own inspection services company. Thanks to Steve and Trevor for sharing their real world experiences along with the classroom study to make the program a well-balanced education, and a good time!

4070 Jackson Hwy 360

May 4, 2016
Dear Steve and Trevor,
I’ve been wanting to write this for quite a while now, not only as a personal thank you, but also for a word of advice and direction for those that are looking at becoming a home inspector. My name is Timothy Paul and I’m a Washington State certified licensed home inspector. I was not aware at the time of the school and program Steve and Trevor put together so unfortunately I learned the hard way since the class I took didn’t really teach me much. Most of my learning I had to do on my own study. The 120 hours of N.A.R.I.E.S class time was not much more than just documented time to satisfy the laws and rules so that I could move forward to the 40 hours of field training. But this is where I got blessed and where I learned the most, because I got lucky in being referred to Steve and Trevor and they took me in for the 40 hours of field training. Steve is like a walking encyclopedia, if you want to know anything about anything, don’t Google it, just call Steve, it’s faster, it’s better and it’s more accurate and educational. And of course Trevor having learned form Steve and bringing to the table his own qualifications made my learning that much more interesting and knowledgeable. I wished I had taken their class, things would not only have been easier but the knowledge and understanding of what we are supposed to know and understand and what to look for and how to properly disclose it would make me a much wiser and better inspector than the average person. So thank you Steve and Trevor for taking the interest in teaching me correctly and helping me become a better inspector. So a word to those that are looking at your classes. This is my advice. Take them, the class and field all in one package. You can’t learn the one without the other and here you get both from two of the most knowledgeable people I know of in the field. If I, who did not take their class because I didn’t do my research, but go lucky enough to get in with them at the right time for the field, and the ongoing help and support I am still getting to this day from them, then how much more support do you think you will get by starting off with them 100%? Their program is flawless, you can’t beat it. They provide you with all the tools and resources and technology and give you no excuse for failing. They have the highest success ratio known in the industry for students that complete and pass and are now licensed inspectors. Many of these students, like me, still call on them for help and advice. You can shop around and you will find that the few places that offer this kind of training all charge about the same amount, so if you don’t want to waste your money and want to actually learn something then make a wise investment in your time and education and sign up with Steve and Trevor, you won’t regret it.
Tim Paul
Washington State Certified Licensed Inspector #1451

Andrew Watson

3 weeks ago
Washington Home Inspector Training is a highly effective and efficient company. Their home inspections are thorough and their training program is top notch. They care about the work they do and set their students up for success. I strongly recommend using Steve and Trevor for home inspections and/or training.

Robert Smith

3 weeks ago
If you are thinking about a home inspection class this is by far the best class out there. Not only do they teach you everything you need to know for the industry, but they help you get there so you can succeed.

rob forsberg

6 months ago
After 30 years in the construction business, I decided I wanted to start going in a different direction. After much research I decided on Washington Home Inspector Training. I am so glad I did. Steve and Trevor do an incredible job of relaying the information needed to not just pass the test, but to have a strong foundation to build the business. The field training was thorough and detailed. Making the decision to become an inspector takes a commitment, Steve and Trevor respect that. I would highly recommend their course to anyone considering becoming an Inspector.

Bill Scott

6 months ago
I have been in construction for 28 years and have been interested in becoming a Home Inspector the last few years, I looked at the different schools out there and choose Washington Home Inspector Training, I definitely made the right decision. Steve and Trevor are passionate about the home inspector trade. The course work is very good and I learned a lot of things. I would say the best thing about the class is their willingness to help you succeed, they are happy to answer questions . Thank you very much!

seth van selus

3 weeks ago
Trevor and Steve are amazing they came highly recommended and they did not disappoint. I came from a non-construction background and still was able to succeed in this very complete class.

Brent LaDoux

a year ago

I recently attended Washington Home Inspector Training and was thoroughly impressed from start to finish. WHIT’s facility was comfortable and I was impressed by use of multimedia technology to present course material. Syllabus was in line with national home inspector standards and tailored to passing the WA state inspector test. They nicely balanced coursework and practical inspection content. I enjoyed the small class size that allowed for more than adequate personal attention.

I have no reservations about recommending Washington Home Inspector Training’s course to any prospective student. Without attending this course I highly doubt I would have been as prepared to successfully pass the state exam let alone feel as confident to start my own inspecting business.

Mike Johnson

a year ago
SGAInspections was a fantastic find. Steve & Trevor do a tremendous job at inundating the student in all the info needed to become a great home inspector. Included in the coarse is the exposure to the software products used by inspectors as well. Teaching each student the process of going out to the home site, executing the inspection and then finishing the report for the consumer. They have been a great resource for me as I launch this new venture. Thanks Guys…. Mike

Advanced Home Inspection

a year ago

I took this course in Feb, 2016. It was recommended by a friend to NOT attend the course he had gone to, and so we looked around and ended up finding Steve and Trevor. The price was reasonable, and they were working with InterNACHI and HomeGauge as part of their course. The class was full at the time, but Steve made an exception for me and I was able to attend – very much appreciated! Wow, did I make the right choice.

Steve is an encyclopedia of experience and knowledge on all things Home Inspection. He is best at relating information to students coming into the class with backgrounds and experience in residential housing. Trevor, while also extremely proficient, has been through the process you are now considering. He is most adept at breaking information down to its simplest form so that even the most inexperienced of student will be able to absorb the required information and complete the course with the knowledge, tools, and confidence they need to attain certification, and find success. They complement each other very well, and my positive experience was greatly benefited by what the both brought to the course.

Both Trevor and Steve were very accommodating to ensure I received sufficient, in-home inspection experience while shadowing their inspections. During the class, they were there bright and early, and stayed until I wanted to leave. They were always available, and have been since, for questions, and followed up with me at times to see how my progress was going with my business. If becoming a Certified Home Inspector is your goal, there really is not a better class to give you the best opportunity to achieve that goal.

Rueben Rodocker

a year ago
These guys know their stuff and are willing to spend the time to train you correctly as well as help you in your career after the classes end. I doubt you will find better training in Washington. I would highly recommend this school!

Frost Home Team

a year ago
Great training! Steve and Trevor know their stuff. It is nice to have access to the nationwide source, but their “real world” knowledge is most helpful.

David Bean

a year ago
Years of experience mixed with the best of todays technology. Professional and personal. Confident I made a wise choice.

Todd Jacobs

a year ago
I took my Home Inspection course through SGA . They did a great job and went above and beyond to help each of us out. They are a Great resource and give good direction even after the course is complete.

Bryan Ellis

a year ago
SGA Inspection Services & Training LLC. is very professional in every aspect. From day one as a student I have been learning at a fast pace. Classroom time is a good balance of personal study, and Instructor group training. Small class …More

Jim Harum

a year ago
After researching several companies online that provide home Inspection training, including phone conversations with several people who have attended the other vendors for training, it was obvious SGA was the right choice. Steve and Trevor have developed a first class training experience. From the very first inquiry about the training to the completion of the class, there has been no doubt in my mind I made the right choice. SGA training is set up in an actual classroom not some random rented motel room. SGA instructors are present every minute of your training to assist you. If you are looking to start a buisness or are just thinking about it, I have no doubt after talking to Steve or Trevor you will be confident they are ready to assist you with building your future as an Certified Licensed Home Inspector

Response from the ownera year ago
Thanks for the nice review we are glad you enjoyed the class and are sure you will make an excellent home inspector …More

Aaron Croom

a year ago
Steve and Trevor were easy to work with and translated their own experiences to us students in a clear and easy way to understand. The class not only included the knowledge base required by Washington state but also other facets of the home inspection business like marketing, equipment etc. The schedule worked well with my schedule.

Karl Ozolin

a year ago

If you want to get trained by the best, go here.

-KO Inspection, LLC

Jimmy Koch

a year ago
I really enjoyed the environment of the classroom, the vast knowledge of the instructors, and the future support of both the instructors and classmates.


WA.Home Inspector training Graduates 

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Over 85%  of our graduates are now licensed home inspectors

Graduate List

August 2015      4 of 4 students licensed (100%)

Brent LaDoux

Lic.# 1467

Robert Inman

Lic.# 1459

Ed Zumwalt

Lic.# 1454

Bryan Zimmerman

Lic.# 1453


October 2015  6 of 6 students licensed (100%)

Justin Graff

Lic.# 1489

Brandon Knight

Lic.# 1482

Alan Bowles

Lic.# 1481

Daniel Hartman

Lic.# 1599

John Frazier

Lic.# 1498

James Krull

Lic.# 1482


November 2015 4 of 4 students license (100 %)

Nicholas Hunter

Lic.#  1518

Charlie Johnson

Lic.# 1516

Bill Wysocki

Lic.# 1528

Shannon Russell

Lic.# 1517


January 2016  4 of 5 students licensed

Sean Langley

Lic.# 1558

Todd Jacobs

Lic.# 1560

Chad Heitz

John Lile

Lic.# 1567

Charles Lewis

Lic.# 1561


February 2016   7 of 8 students licensed

Karl Ozlin

Lic.# 1586

Jimmy Koch

Lic.# 1585

Jeffrey Antilla

Lic.#  1595

Christopher Edwards

Lic.# 1591

Rob Crawford

Dave Leger

Lic.# 1587

Adam Herbenson

Lic.# 1664

Nathan Kilby

Lic.# 1600


March 2016  6 of 7 students licensed

Mitch Moody

Lic.#  1621

Jim Harum

Lic.# 1674

Kevin Buselmeier

Brandon Rogers

Lic.# 1659

Ruben Rodocker

Lic.# 1618

Don Gardner

Lic.# 1612

Aaron Croom

Lic.# 1675


May 2016   4 of 5 students licensed

Bryan Ellis

Lic.# 1673

Phillip Frost

Lic.# 1670

Tim Johannes

Lic.# 1677

David Bean

Mike Johnson

Lic.# 1676


June 2016   3 of 4 students licensed

Larry Burgess

Lic.# 1684

Jarrod Youman

Lic.# 1683

George Green

Lic.# 1695


July 2016   6 of 6 students licensed (100 % )

Daren Dean

Lic.#  1712

Travis Riley

Lic.#  1716

Jamie Canby

Lic.#  1720

Harold Appelgate

Lic.#  1715

Michael Klatt

Lic.#  1719

Jeff Wright

Lic.#  1710


September 2016   4 of 4 students licensed (100%)

Tim DeLong

Lic.#   1737

Steven Jorgensen

Lic.#   1739

Kevin Brooks

Lic.#  1736

Richard Juneau

Lic.#   1738


November 2016   4 of 5 students licensed

David Dillard

Lic.# 1782

Jon Molby

Lic.# 1812

Dawn Welter

Lic.# 1830

Ezra Beedle

Lic.# 1783


January 2017   7 of 7 students licensed (100%)

Jerry Boots

Lic.# 1827

Rob Forsberg

Lic.# 1823

Bill Scott

Lic.# 1828

Steven Evans

Lic.# 1825

Andrew Watson

Lic.# 1824

Ron Olsen

Lic.# 1826

Kris Kvarnberg

Lic.# 1853


March 2017    9 of 11 students licensed

Jason Boots

Lic.# 1827

Rob Prosser

Lic.# 1878

Richard Jones

Lic.# 1880

Josh Downey

Lice.# 1887

Jarod Jensen

Lic.# 1904

Duan Cook

Lic.# 1882

John Melia

Lic.# 1913

Dave Weaver

Lic.# 1883

Jesse Bence

Lic.# 1888


May 2017   7 of 10 students licensed

Kiert Thomford

Lic.# 1951

Thomas Norris

Lic.# 1952

Ron Reynolds

Lic.# 1958

John Berry

Lic.# 1941

Caleb Goehry

Lic.# 1963

Keith Holscher

Lic. # 1959

John Prosser

Lic.# 1959


Cancellation policy.

The $750 dollar deposit to reserve a seat in the Fundamentals of Home Inspection course is non refundable.